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Jeffrey L. Broughton bargains an annotated translation of the Whip for Spurring scholars Onward during the Chan Barrier Checkpoints (Changuan cejin), which he abbreviates to Chan Whip. This anthology, compiled by means of Yunqi Zhuhong (1535-1615), has served as a Chan instruction manual in either China and Japan considering its booklet in 1600. To represent the Chan Whip as "late Ming Chan" is inaccurate-in truth, it's a survey of just about the whole lot of Chan literature, operating from the overdue 800s (Tang dynasty) to approximately 1600 (late Ming). The Chan extracts, the majority of the e-book, are by way of a quick part of extracts from Buddhist canonical works (showing Zhuhong's adherence to the "convergence of Chan and the teachings"). The Chan extracts intentionally eschew summary discussions of thought in desire of autobiographical narratives, anecdotal sketches, exhortations, sermons, sayings, and letters that deal very frankly-sometimes humorously-with the concrete ups and downs of lived perform.

Recent many years have visible the ebook in English of a few handbooks on Zen perform via modern East Asian masters. The Chan Whip, notwithstanding four hundred years outdated, is as priceless to present day practitioners as those sleek works. The scholarly literature on Chan formerly has involved in the Tang and track dynasties-by giving us furthermore the sayings of Yuan- and Ming-dynasty masters this translation fills a niche in that literature.

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231. S, II. 14a-b inserts:  “This not-one-thing mess of yours” [伱這無一物底一絡索]. ZGK, 50. 209 glosses yi luosuo 一絡索 thus: “Translates as complications/mess or thickly/profusely performed factor” [ゴタゴタした物ゴラゴラした物と譯す。]. 110 The Chan Whip Anthology [Dao]chuan stated, ‘If you need to be aware of the that means of the object itself as soon as and for all, to have a look at the large Dipper within the north, face south [i. e. , bring to an end figuring out and understanding]. ’”232 Having spoken, he instantly left. I took this unmarried query seriously—walking, I didn’t be aware of that I was jogging; and sitting, I didn’t understand that I was sitting. for 5 to seven days I didn’t elevate the wu 無 personality to complete expertise. at the contrary,233 I just saved my eye on [the cue]: “If you need to comprehend the which means of the article itself as soon as and for all, to look at the large Dipper within the north, face south. ” I accidentally bumped into the Latrine Officer. 234 He used to be on a trees [i. e. , sitting on a wood bench235] including a bunch. the feeling of indecision-and-apprehension had now not gotten clear of me in any respect. For a quick interval236 I suddenly turned conscious of vacancy, brightness, lightness, and purity in my brain. I saw that considered the substitute was once annihilated—it used to be just like the peeling off of pores and skin. the entire humans and issues correct in entrance of my eyes grew to become invisible—just like area. for only a couple of minutes awakening got here, and perspiration flowed from my whole physique. I immediately woke up to [the cue] to look at the large Dipper within the north, face south. in spite of everything I saw Jing and made a remark [to current my point of understanding]. there has been no predicament to my composing a verse [expressing my awakening]. although [now] there has been [ for me] the one highway upward, I had no longer attained [the nation of] being unrestricted by way of issues. After that I entered Mt. Xiangyan [in Henan] and handed a summer season. I was being bitten by means of mosquitoes [during cross-legged sitting] and will now not continue my arms nonetheless. due to this I thought: An historic acknowledged that one may still overlook the physique for the sake of the dharma—why may still I fear a 232. Zhifu Daochuan 治父道川 used to be a Song-dynasty Linji grasp. For a biographical access, see Wu deng yantong 五燈嚴統 (dated 1653; CBETA, X81, no. 1568, p. sixty four, a13-b2 // Z 2B:12, p. 270, a1-14 // R139, p. 539, a1-14). This line seems to be in Daochuan’s remark at the Vajracchedikā Sūtra, the Jingang jing zhu 金剛經註 (CBETA, X24, no. 461, p. 540, c18-19 // Z 1:38, p. 352, d3-4 // R38, p. 704, b3-4). S, II. 14b inserts: “to look at the large Dipper within the north, face south where the place realizing and figuring out are bring to a halt” [北斗靣南看絕 知見解會處]. 233. ZGK, 24:  “The dao 倒 personality in colloquial language is learn with the which means of que却” [倒字、俗語に却字の意にてかえってとよむ。]. 234. Baizhang qinggui 百丈清規: “The Latrine Officer sweeps the ground, places incense within the incense-holder, adjustments the bamboo spatulas [used as rest room paper], washes the latrines, and heats up the water for a replenish. those initiatives needs to be performed speedily” [淨頭掃地裝 香。換籌洗廁。燒湯添水。須是及時。] (T2025.

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