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By E. Lamotte

The historical past of Indian Buddhism is definitely Lamotte's such a lot outstanding contribution to the sphere of Buddhist exegesis. The paintings features a shiny, full of life and fully-detailed description of early Buddhism and its teachings, the cloth association of the group, the formation and extra advancements of Buddhist writings, the conciliar traditions, the evolution of Buddhist sculpture and structure, the origins of the sects, the Buddhist dialects and the structure of the legends, and units them within the ancient historical past during which buddhist doctrines originated and elevated in India and in neighbouring international locations. utilizing fabric proof supplied via Indian epigraphy and archaeological continues to be at the one hand, and bearing in mind info provided by way of Western (Latin and Greek) and much jap (Tibetan and chinese language) resources at the different, Lamotte has succeeded in generating a lucid and easy ebook that's unanimously regarded as a vintage of latest Buddhist stories. After thirty years, the paintings has retained all its worth, yet, with a view to meet the necessities of modern Buddhist scholarship, the booklet has been supplemented with an extra bibliography, an index of technical phrases and revised geographical maps.

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The 16 nice international locations of the 6th Century, 7. The Routes, nine. - The Republican States, 10. - The 4 Kingdoms, 10. II. - THE DATE AND lifetime of THE BUDDHA SAKYAMUNI. The Date of the Buddha, thirteen. - The lifetime of Sakyamuni, 15. thirteen III. - THE EARLY BUDDHIST DOCTRINE . . . . . 23 The Dharma and the Buddha, 23. - The Discourse at VariJ]asi, 26. - the reality of anguish, 27. - the reality of the beginning of soreness, 33. - the reality of NirviJ_la, forty. - the reality of the trail, forty two. - Buddhist Moralism, forty seven. - the center approach and the Intentional instructing, forty nine. IV. - THE BUDDHIST group . fifty three I. - The Monastic Order fifty three The Fourfold group, fifty three. - The tasks of a Monk, fifty four. - Disciplinary Acts, fifty five. - Leaving the area and Ordination, fifty five. - apparatus and lifetime of the priests, fifty eight. - the right of the Monk, 60. - The Absence of an expert, sixty two. 2. - The Lay Fellowship . sixty five the significance of the Laity, sixty five. - establishment of the Fellowship, sixty six. - the appropriate and Virtues of the Laity, sixty seven. - The guideline of the Laity, seventy four. Respective Rights of the spiritual and the Laity, seventy nine. bankruptcy THE MAGADHAN interval common positive factors of the interval, eighty five. I. - historic evidence 87 XII I. - desk OF CONTENTS Magadha, from 546 to 324 B. C. . 87 Magadhan Dynasties, 87. - The Haryaitkas, ninety one. - The Sisuniigas, ninety four. - The 9 Nandas, ninety six. 2. - Uttariipatha a hundred Pukkusiiti, King ofGandhiira, a hundred. - North-West India below the Achaemenids, one hundred and one. -The Indian States below Darius III Codoman, one zero five. - Alexander the nice in India, 109. - India below the Diadochi, 113. 118 three. - Ceylon from 486 to 250 B. C .. Sinhalese Chronicles, 118. - historical Populations, a hundred and twenty. - the 1st 5 Kings of Ceylon, 123. - The Buddha's Visits to Ceylon, 123. II. - BUDDHIST LEGENDS AND TRADITIONS . l . - The Councils of Riijagrha and Vaisali . Dates, 124. - Narration of occasions, a hundred twenty five. culture, 128. -Conclusions, a hundred and forty. 124 124 An overview of the Conciliar 2. - The Formation of the Canon of Writings lst- The Seven Classifications of the Writings a hundred and forty 141 The Testimony of Buddhaghosa, 141. - the one Flavour, 142. -Dharma and Vinaya, 142. - preliminary phrases, and so on. , 143. - The 5 Collections, 143. -The 9 Constituent components, 143. - The Twelve Constituent components, a hundred forty five. -The courting among the Aitgas and the Tripi! aka, 147. - The 84,000 Dharmaskandhas, 148. 2d- The Tripi! aka . 149 a. Generalities : The relative Antiquity of the Tripi! Jlka, 149. - Contents and association of the Tripi! aka, ISO. b. The SiitrapiJaka: the 1st 4 Piili Nikiiyas, 152. - The 4 Agamas, 153. - The Oassification of the Agamas, 154. - comparability among the Nikayas and Agamas, a hundred and fifty five. - The Piili Khuddakanikaya, 156. - Sanskrit K~udraka, 159. The Chanted Verses, 161. - The Canonicity of the Siitras, 163. c. The Vinayapi! Jlka : The Bases of the Vinaya, a hundred sixty five. - The constitution of the Vinaya, 166. - An research of the six Vinayas, 167. - historical Traditions about the Vinayas, 171. - Hypotheses at the Formation of the Vinayas, 176. d. The Abhidharmapi! aka : Traditions about the Compilation of the Abhidharmapi! aka, one hundred eighty.

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