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Ever due to the fact Darwin and The Descent of Man, the lifestyles of people has been attributed to our intelligence and suppleness. yet in Catching Fire, popular primatologist Richard Wrangham provides a startling substitute: our evolutionary luck is the results of cooking. In a groundbreaking idea of our origins, Wrangham indicates that the shift from uncooked to cooked meals used to be the main consider human evolution. whilst our ancestors tailored to utilizing hearth, humanity all started. as soon as our hominid ancestors begun cooking their foodstuff, the human digestive tract shrank and the mind grew. Time as soon as spent chewing tricky uncooked meals will be sued as an alternative to seek and to have a tendency camp. Cooking grew to become the root for pair bonding and marriage, created the loved ones, or even resulted in a sexual department of work. Tracing the modern implications of our ancestors’ diets, Catching Fire sheds new mild on how we got here to be the social, clever, and sexual species we're this day. A pathbreaking new idea of human evolution, Catching Fire will galvanize controversy and fascinate someone drawn to our historical origins—or in our glossy consuming habits.

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