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By John Blofeld

She is the embodiment of selfless love, the perfect image of radical compassion, and, for greater than a millennium all through Asia, she has been respected as “The one that Hearkens to the Cries of the World.” Kuan Yin is either a Buddhist image and a liked deity of chinese language folks faith. John Blofeld’s vintage examine lines the background of this most famed of all of the bodhisattvas from her origins in India (as the male determine Avalokiteshvara) to Tibet, China, and past, alongside the best way highlighting her shut connection to different figures reminiscent of Tara and Amitabha. The account is stuffed with captivating tales of Blofeld’s encounters with Kuan Yin’s devotees in the course of his trips in China. The booklet additionally comprises meditation and visualization ideas linked to the Bodhisattva of Compassion, and translations of poems and yogic texts dedicated to her.

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E. Ste'u-ens) I5 S t at ue of okay ua n Yi n fro m th e T ' a n g D y n a sq' (courtesy af British lvluseutn) r6 S t at ue of M an j u s ri , e mb o d i m e n t o f V i s d o m (courtesy of Brirish Aluseuni) F-oreu,ord Radianee, spotlessand effulgent, Itlighr-dispelling solar of knowledge! Lotus S[tra this is often partly the tale of a quest, of slow growth in the direction of the center of an enigma. faced a few 40 years in the past by way of the captivating determine of Kuan Yin, identified to many because the chinese language Goddess of affection, I got here to wonder if it used to be rvholly symb o l i c or whet her okay u a n Yi n c o u l d , i n s o me s e nse,be sai d to & e. the journey begun one evening whilst, by means of the doubtful gentle of votive candles, I had made my means on my own throughout the shadows to the again of a temple corridor. Tbe fitful gleams taking part in a mi ds t t he dar ok ne s sc o n j u re d u p a n a tmo s p h e reof secret' A s IstoodgazingupatatallbronzeStaIueofKuanYin,odoor appeared to open in my brain and the goddess, so i'll have sworn, deignedto addressmet lmagination ? which can good appear to have been so, yet who lower than such romantic conditions may well withstand the desire that she had rather spoken? Thenceforth i used to be her committed follower, which doesn't suggest, notwithstanding, that I particularly believed in her. Drawn by means of a fascination having not anything to do rvith trust or its . onu.. rl, I delved ever extra deepll b e y ond t he guis e s h e w e a ri fo r s i mp l e fo l ok a nd presentl )' camc to h av e s om e dim a p p re h e n s i o no f h e r s i g n i fi c anceas a cel esti al Bo dhis at t v a) a ok in d o f b e i n g l e s sb e i n g re p re s enti ng cne of thc mo s t ex alt ed c onc e p ts o f M a h a y a n a B u d d h i s m . P ercei vi ng hcr to be even more than a swish fantasy expressing the craving o f th e bad and lon e l y fo r c o mp a s s i o n ,I h a d a l l the extra cause fcr lov ing her ; y e t th i s n e w v i s i o n ' o f h e r a s the embodi ment of divine love rvas somervhat marred b1' the astonishing po$'ers a ttribut ed t o her i n th e s u tra s . T h e p a s s a g e sdescri bi ng them appeared at the start to detract from instead of improve her sublimity, for they struck me as too fanciful and extra changing into to a f olk goddes sth a n a c e l e s ti a l Bo d h i s a ttv a . Thi s, in fact) wa s jus t a according to s on a l v i e rv . : 1 ' : , . r four Bodhisattva of Compassion Ye a rs lat er , wit h a n i n s i g h t s te m m i n g fro m the teachi ng of my C h i nes e and T ibe ta n ma s te rs , I c a me to u n d erstand u' har I sti l l imagine is her t r u e s i g n i fi c a n c e- o r p a rr o f i t. S hc i s rcal - oh, now not as Artemis and Aphrodite \vere actual in thc e1,esof th e i r w or s hipper s , b u t i n a s e n s e mo re s e c re t a nd profounci . in spite of the fact that, in making an attempt ro inake this element, i've got nor sought tcr co n ve rt ot her s t o m y w a y o f th i n ok i n g . I . s h a l lb c happv i f thci ' co me to lov e her , ev e n i f s h e re ma i n s fo r th e m j ust a beauti f' ul i d e a . To giv e c olour an d l i fe to my p o rtra i t o f h e r, I havc rc-l atctl ma n y chines e and T i tre ta n ta l e s rv h i c h re v e a l h c r at rvhat ma1.

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